Whiskey Tuesday 9/19

It’s Whiskey Tuesday! Come on in for a deal on these Woodford Reserves and talk to Stuart Ramsay, a bonafide “Kentucky Colonel”. That..

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Whiskey Tuesday 9/12

Come in today for a deal on Whiskies of Willett. This craft distillery is not to be missed if you’re ever in Bardstown, Kentucky. Get..

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Whiskey Tuesday 8/15

Yes! It’s Whiskey Tuesday! Come in for a deal tonight on Russell’s. “…deep copper spirit with legs for miles and a nose full of toasted..

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Whisky Tuesday 8/8

Special tonight on all bottles of Laphroaig. This Islay campfirey crew are the cornerstone of most Scotch collections. It’s a good night..

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Whiskey Tuesday 7/25

Get a deal on these mash bill #1 low ryes. (One of these bottles does not belong – do you know which one?) Cheers!

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Whisky Tuesday 7/18

House Spirits Distillery, the makers of Westward, will be in the house doing tastings tonight! Don’t miss out on a great Whisky..

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