Four Grain Complexity

It’s Whiskey Tuesday! Come in for a deal on this Colonel E.H. Taylor Four Grain. “…made from a ‘distinct bourbon recipe’ using corn, rye, wheat, and malted barley. It was distilled in 2005 and entered into the barrel at 104 proof. According to Buffalo Trace, these are the four grains E.H.Taylor would have had access to in the late 1800s, and why they were ultimately chosen for this release. In the company’s press release, master distiller Harlen Wheatley states, “We wanted to extract everything we like from both the rye and the wheat mashbills we currently use and combine them to see how they react. Not surprisingly, it added complexity to the finished product. NOSE: A light but controlling floral and fruity overtone provides the base for the aromas. Hints of sweet berry, bubblegum, and vanilla lay over the elegant floral base. Very un-intrusive notes of rye and oak are present… PALATE: Flavors lean heavily on the sweet side, but are well composed. Strawberry, cherry, caramel, and vanilla are all bundled together providing the backbone of the flavor profile. They may border on too sweet for some, but perfect for others. Most noteworthy is that they’re quite gentle and soft in intensity, striking the perfect chord of refinement and approachableness. FINISH: Oak and rye spice make an appearance in the finish, and like the rest of the sip, are well disciplined. They don’t shout their arrival, but gently introduce themselves and quickly say goodbye. They provide a nice contrast to the sweeter side of the sip, and add a small bit of complexity that the bourbon is missing. The slightest trace of heat also pops during the finish, but overall this drinks on the lighter side for a 100 proof bourbon.” –

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