Rare Release Rye

It’s Whiskey Tuesday! Come in for a deal on this great sipper to finish the day. “This a whiskey that defies its characteristics (young & highish proof) and delivers a well balanced, highly sippable, wise beyond its years taste. Nuanced flavors and a surprising amount of sweetness lurk inside this bottle so don’t hesitate to enjoy it neat. Lovely bottle that classes up any whiskey library – break it out when the boss is over to show off just how sophisticated you are and then prepare yourself for a promotion.

Nose: Less alcohol than one might expect from a cask strength whiskey, but definitely present. Notes of rye spice intermingled with hints of black tea, leather, and diet cola.

Color: George Hamiltonesque bronze

Palate: Oily mouthfeel of carob to start but dries out to release some delightful rye spice and the aforementioned black tea flavors.

Finish: Leather and raisins with a little more of the carob flavor hanging on to finish out the experience.” Reddit

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