Ardmore 14 Year Old – 2002 / Cask Strength (G&M)

It’s Whisky Tuesday! Today’s deal is a 2002 vintage Ardmore aged for 14 years in refill sherry hogsheads. Casks 935, 936 & 938, all distilled 1st July 2002 have been married together for this cask strength release from Gordon & MacPhail. Bottled in October 2016 at 57.5%.

Neat Notes from Diving for Pearls Blog: “Its color is a medium gold. The nose has waves of both medicinal and sugary peat. In fact it’s peatier than officially bottled Bowmores. Salty beach notes. Lots of dry sherry. Creamy vanilla pudding. Ham. Lemon juice. After 30 minutes, the peat retreats, revealing toffee and milk chocolate notes. Surprisingly big sherry and big peat notes in the palate. Berry syrup and mint leaves. Fresh ginger and a nice peppery bitter bite. Dried berries and currants in the finish. Plenty of black pepper. Dry red wine and softer peat.” #sidecarpdx #whiskeytuesday #pdxwhiskey #mississippiave

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