Kilbeggin Rep here this Sunday, March 1st

Start your St. Patrick’s Month at Sidecar 11. Join us this Sunday, March 1st, 2pm-4pm. The Kilbeggin Rep, Ciara Murray, will be here to talk about Kibeggin and Tryconnell Irish Whiskeys. Tastings available:

Kilbeggin Irish Whiskey $8 add Murphy’s Stout $3

Tryconnell Flight $25 –  Tryconnell 10 Madeira Cask, Tryconnell 10 Port Cask, Tryconnell 10 Sherry Cask

Tryconnell 15 Madiera $25

Tryconnell 16 Olorosso & Moscatel $25 each or half pour of each for $25

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